The tourist development of the municipalities of the Ricote valley has been carried out autonomously by its seven town halls and as a group activity by the local authorities.

Since the signing of the Ricote Valley Tourism Development Plan, the local authorities have been responsible for tourism development in the area and for carrying out the actions and investments included in the plan for which, apart from municipal funds, it has been able to count on both national and regional finance in equal measure.

Having executed the plan and in order to continue building on its foundations, the Regional government has negotiated the creation of the "Ricote Valley Local Authorities" Tourism Consortium with the local authorities in order to increase economic, technical and administrative cooperation directed towards improving and encouraging tourism in its constituent municipalities.

With the local authorities and through an independent, associative, voluntary public body with its own legal personality - separate from its constituent organisations - the idea is to better manage general interest objectives common to all of the municipalities and improve and encourage tourism in all its aspects through regional government funding.

The "Ricote Valley Local Authorities" Tourism Consortium has become the first to make the most of the synergies outlined in the Tourism Development Plan and has an Infrastructure Management Plan that describes the projects to be carried out in the four years following the signing of the agreement. Those projects are valued at around 6,500,000 euros, much of which has already been invested.